Sandy Valley Ranch is a private ranch devoted to giving our guests the opportunity to experience the authentic life of the Old West.

Horseback riding, working cattle, rodeo, charreria, weddings, bull riding, and more. Our mission is to preserve, protect and honor the two great equestrian traditions of the West, that of the American Cowboy and the Mexican Charro.

Come and join us playing “Cowboy for Real”.

Sandy Valley Ranch roundup
The Boss Lady and her daughter
The Boss Lady

Welcome To Sandy Valley Ranch!

If you’ve always dreamed of “playing Cowboy for Real,” you’ve come to the right place. For more than 15 years we have been fulfilling dreams here in our special piece of the Great American West. Horses, cattle, round-ups, cattle drives over the mountains and through the mesquites, we do it all, and we’re always adding new adventures.

We’re easy to get to…as we like to say, we are “45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas.” Add a touch of the real West to the glitz and glamour of your stay in Las Vegas and you will give yourself an unforgettable vacation. And talk about the spirit of the West! Our friendly staff, talented wranglers, and great caterers, not to mention our beautiful, well-trained horses, will welcome you with all the hospitality that is legendary in the Old West.

There are two flags we fly on the pole at Sandy Valley Ranch. We are proud to respect, protect and nurture the horse culture of both the Mexican Vaquero and the American Cowboy. Both played a vital role in the development of the traditional horse culture of the American Southwest. Sandy Valley Ranch is a proud repository dedicated to preserving these two great horsemanship traditions.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we love sharing it with our guests. Whether it’s a horseback adventure, a traditional multi-cultural event, or a rollicking party, or team building event, we hope to see you soon on the trail!

Marilyn Gubler

Marilyn Gubler, “Boss Lady”

P.S. – Check out my blog called Ranch Life, where you’ll find latest news on what’s happening at Sandy Valley Ranch.

Trail Rides

Trail Rides

Imagine riding through the desert on horseback, watching a summer sunset from the back of your horse.

corporate events

Corporate Events

We offer a unique venue which provides numerous opportunities for companies to connect with their co-workers and colleagues just for fun, or with exciting team building events.

Filming Location

On-Location Filming

We have everything you need to shoot your next blockbuster on 197,000 acres of rugged BLM land that is ideal for western, sci-fi, horror, and dramas.



Picture being wed in a Mother Nature-crafted cathedral of mesquites in the cradle of some of the oldest, most beautiful mountains on God’s earth.

A Western Adventure

Play Cowboy for Real

Sandy Valley Ranch

45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas.

Trail Rides

Enjoy a group trail ride with friends and family


Team Penning

Try your hand at rustlin’ cattle


Mexican Rodeo

Axe Throwing

Make a Bullseye

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Experience the American Wild West and join us for a horseback trail ride through the beautiful Mojave desert, where you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

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