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People around the world have dreamed of being part of the Wild West: riding horses, roping cattle, cooking meals over an open fire, and playing cowboy games.

Sandy Valley Ranch provides guests and adventure-seekers with the ultimate cowboy adventure. You'll ride horses, herd cattle, take a surrey ride, learn to rope, and get the chance to play cowboy.for real.

Our ranch is one of the last Old West working dude ranches in the world and one of the only places where you can relax amongst the sagebrush, cactus, and Joshua trees and experience the Wild West as it was hundreds of years ago.

We are proud of our cowboy heritage and hope to see you on the trails so you too can experience the thrill of the Old West!

Cowboy for a Day (1 Rider)
This package includes riding and cattle handling training, two trail rides, penning and sorting cattle, lunch, a cattle drive, hors d'oeuvres*, dinner*, cowboy games, and a cowboy western campfire.

Cowboy for a Day (2-5 Riders)
This package includes riding and cattle handling training, two trail rides, penning and sorting cattle, lunch, a cattle drive, hors d'oeuvres*, dinner*, cowboy games, and a cowboy western campfire for you and your friends.

* All food and food service at SVR is provided by a licensed caterer.



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Your adventure begins with a scenic 45 minute drive from Las Vegas. The Mojave Desert welcomes you as you pass ancient yucca and joshua trees. As you drive over the crest of the beautiful Columbia pass keep an eye out for mountain sheep. You will soon be 100 years from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and ready to enjoy a taste of life in the real Old West.

Upon your arrival at Sandy Valley Ranch you will be welcomed by your wrangler for the day. He will provide instruction, assistance, tall tales, cowboy jokes, and escort you safely through your adventure. After some basic riding and cattle herding instruction you'll mount our well-trained horses and head out for a trail ride through the dry gulches and mesquites of our piece of the American West.

When you return to the Ranch you'll learn how to move and sort cattle in our professional arenas and get some practice for the afternoon's cattle drive when you'll be pushing cows across the desert. A gourmet Cowboy Lunch in our cozy Ranch House Restaurant follows. The afternoon begins with a cattle drive with our herd of ornery cows. Get your cameras ready. Pushing cows is the experience of a lifetime. Just don't lose any of our valuable "beef on the hoof."

You'll be a might tired after all the activity, so now is the time to rest in the Ranch House or on our cowboy porch, snooze in our covered wagon, or, if you have the energy, play a few cowboy games or learn to rope with your wrangler. For a small additional charge we'll take y'all shootin' with our authentic Wild West 45's. Sunset brings hors d'oeuvres and wine. Our desert sunsets are magnificent, so be sure you have your camera.

Your Cowboy Gourmet Dinner* will be served by candle-light and includes fine wine, beer, or your beverage of choice. No cowboy's day would be complete without a campfire. We'll sit under the velvet sky watching as the flames leap into the air and listen to the soft sounds of horses feeding and bedding down. Singing and cowboy poetry are always possibilities.

Now it's time to bid goodbye to the ranch and your new cowboy friends and return reluctantly to the 21st century.

For the safety of our riders and our horses, we strictly adhere to the following rules and restrictions.
  1.   Riders cannot wear open-toed shoes. Smooth-soled shoes with a heel are preferred.
  2.   All minors must wear a helmet.
  3.   Riders must be 11 years old or older. *
  4.   Video cameras may not be used during the ride.
  5.   Riders must be under 250 lbs. **
  6.   Riders cannot be pregnant.
  7.   Riders must speak reasonable English. ***
  8.   Riders must be physically and mentally sound.

* Experienced youngsters can request an exception to this rule. Contact our reservations team for details.
** Most people are not aware that horses are only designed to carry one-fifth their body weight. So that we can maintain the health of our horses, we must restrict the weight of the riders.
*** While riding, riders must be able to understand verbal commands. Riders who cannot understand basic commands may not be able to ride.

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Sandy Valley Ranch has offered Old Fashioned Western events and activities to the public since 1998. We pride ourselves on our western hospitality and look forward to seeing you on the range. Please contact us regarding our upcoming events and cowboy adventures!

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