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Sandy Valley Ranch is the perfect location for horseback riding near Las Vegas. We like to say, “We’re 45 minutes, and 100 years from Las Vegas.” Ride amongst the creosote bushes and tumbleweeds on a friendly horse, selected just for your ability.

Sandy Valley Ranch is the only dude ranch in the region where:

• You won’t be riding nose to tail. We ride in friendly groups.
• All rides are private. You will be riding with your friends and our wrangler/s only
• All rides are tailored to your individual riding ability
• Experienced riders can trot or gallop on designated rides.*
• You can work with our unruly cattle on round ups or in the arena rustling them into a pen.

*Your safety and the safety of our horses is our prime concern. It is entirely up to the judgment of our experienced professional wranglers to determine if you can safely trot or gallop.

Check out the prices for horseback riding below, and give us a call to get started on your western adventure!

Watch a summer sunset from the back of your horse, or explore acres of prime sage and mesquite range land with friends or family. We can make your dreams of playing Cowboy come true.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I booked this for myself and other half and 2 kids (16 & 11yrs). We had 1 week in Vegas, then travelled to LA and then to San Fran and we all agreed that this was the best day of the whole holiday and would certainly go back, in fact none of us wanted to leave!! SVR were fantastic, food was amazing, wranglers were also fantastic. They helped you if need be, made it fun and tailored it to what you wanted. Horses were well cared for and you could tell it was passionately run. Shooting guns, cattle drives, penning and much more… finished the day with a camp fire and talking and eating smores under the stars!. We all felt very welcomed and we will return!
Promoears (via Tripadvisor)

We were seeking a non-traditional holiday this summer but most of my family wanted to go to Las Vegas but we compromised by a few days in Sin City and an evening trail ride at Sandy Valley Ranch. After two days of spending and losing money it wasn’t tough to get my group away from the slot machines and they welcomed the short ride through the desert on the way to the ranch. We’re from New York so it was awesome to see the Nevada desert up close. Our ride was fabulous and the wranglers treated us city slickers with respect and the ranch owner Marilyn (who is delightful!) even joined us on the ride. If you are looking for a different type of Vegas vacation then check out Sandy Valley Ranch.

Charles (via Yelp)

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of LV for a while head out to Sandy Valley Ranch for a day of horse riding and cattle steering , from our group it was the third time we have booked onto the trip due to the hospitality and friendliness shown from the full team that make this a very enjoyable time. After being picked up from our hotel the drive out was nice a peaceful taking in the sights and on arrival we where made very welcome. After a few pictures and instructions (no experience required) off we set with 4 chaperones ensuring the 6 of us got into no difficulty they where very attentive putting everyone at ease . On our return to the ranch it was time for some cattle steering into the pens then some lunch followed by a campfire fire and the biggest marshmallows I have ever seen.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's been at least 20 years since I've been on a horse and my friend has never ridden. Can we still participate in these activities?

Great question. 80% of our guests have never ridden before or haven’t ridden in 20 years (or so). Our horses are trained for riders just like you and your friend. But that doesn’t mean they are old and lazy. As you can see in the Meet Our Horses section, I’m mighty proud to say they are all fit and healthy. We will give you riding instructions before ride so you’ll know how to make them do what you want, whether it’s on the trail or chasin’ cattle around in the arenas.

What is the youngest age a child can be to ride your horses?

We ask that all guests be at least 11 years old. That’s because we really ride around here and you need to be big enough to have some “leg” on the horse.

What is the terrain like at Sandy Valley Ranch?

We are considered high desert, nestled in the Shadow of Clark Mountain. Our elevation is 2500 feet. With 197,000 acres the terrain can vary from nearby pine country at over 5000 feet to mystical sand dunes of a dry lake bed. Be sure and remember to ask Ted about the “Desert Gators”. Rumor has it they run wild in Sandy Valley.

What should I wear and what are the temperatures at the ranch?

It’s best to wear long pants and cowboy boots or smooth soled shoes with heels.  Tennis shoes work, just don’t let the horse step on you. Hiking boots with lug soles don’t work well, your foot could get stuck in the stirrup.

Most of the year it’s sunny and warm, but our daytime temperatures can range from the extremes of 100 plus degrees in the summer to 40 degrees in the winter.  We ride in all seasons, so dress accordingly.

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