Our Horses

We've got plenty of four-legged personality


Our newest arrival to the Ranch is Luna, a sweet bay mare.She is an exceptionally well trained 5 year old. Her former owner is one of our dearest friends who rode Luna in our Escaramusa team to win our first State Championship. She’s a fast walker and loves being at the head of the pack.Lately she’s been sporting a fancy new Mexican bridle and she thinks she looks quite gorgeous (She’s RIGHT!) She’s Boss Lady’s second choice for riding and has been busy learning all our trails with Luis, our Barn Manager and trainer.



Tequila has been with the ranch since almost the beginning. He is a beautiful palomino Quarter horse gelding that never lets us down. He’s Not a youngster but can still chase cows and keep up with the kids. He’s quite fond of biting the cows while team penning just to keep them moving along. One of the ranch favorites he is well trained and schooled in every detail of ranch horse work.

He enjoys team roping every now and then and is part of calf branding/castrating every year. He has not requested retirement yet but we have allowed him some additional time off for setting a good example for the younger horses.


This is probably our best horse for too many reasons to mention. While her exact age is not known it is estimated she is in her mid twenties,a mind boggling fact. She takes her responsibilities as a dude horse very seriously and hates to be passed over for a chance to work. She is in awesome shape and is still happy to rope or whatever other extracurricular activity is available. She didn’t care for motherhood but did produce a beautiful foal a few years back but that was enough of that. She is a beautiful grey ghost appaloosa who is one of the original SVR horses.


Bella was given to the Ranch by owners that could no longer take care of her. She had never been trained in any way and our Mexican staff called her a ‘yegua bruta’ or wild mare. She is so beautiful, we couldn’t resist getting her started to ride and she’s taking to it like a duck to water. She may even be in the dude string soon unless Boss Lady grabs her for her personal horse.

Tank Draft horse


Tank was born right here at Sandy Valley Ranch. He is a Belgian draft horse trained to pull our “surrey with the fringe on top.” He’s pulled lots of brides into their new married life. He also serves as a dude horse for our larger customers. Belgians are America’s most popular draft breed and can pull the most weight. Definitely the tallest horse on the Ranch, he’s a real gentle giant. Even though he’s so tall, he likes being even taller. We often find him standing on his corral rails to get a boost in height. One time he got out of his corral and we couldn’t find him anywhere until we looked UP. There he was, perched on top of a pile of gravel.


Rest in Peace…A sorrel Quarter horse gelding purchased a few years ago, he has been an incredible asset to our ranch. Trained and shown as a reining horse, he has found happiness with the slower pace on the ranch. Eating is his favorite thing followed by hanging with his friends in the pasture on their days off.


Chip was born in Las Vegas into a family of Cutting Horse champions. He was raised in arenas chasing cattle and had never experienced the great outdoors.

His first ride into the back forty of SVR introduced him to mesquite trees, crackly branches on the ground, hills and holes. He wasn’t too sure what to make of them, but adapted quickly and is now a pleasure to ride anywhere. He’s at his best chasing cows in the arenas and on the Cowboy for a Day cattle drives.


This little guy stands only 32 inches tall at the shoulder and likes to eat so much he is almost as wide. He was saved from a life of candy and graham crackers and his favorite, licorice. Since we have not encouraged his sweet tooth here he has accepted his shrinking waistline and good heath. He is a real gentleman and has good house manners.

With his new shrinking figure he has squeezed into a harness and is learning to be driven so he can pull a cart. These little guys can pull 3 times their body weight and have a ball in front of a cart. He still cannot resist a kind pet or some admiration from his fans but he will try to mooch a snack whenever our backs are turned. He has no idea he is so small. When he is out playing with the big guys he just looks them in the knees and they are off racing around the arena.


An energetic handsome sorrel and white pinto gelding,he is a favorite among guests and is one of the fast walkers on the ranch. He is one of the most enthusiastic guys when it comes to chasin’ cows. Roping is not his thing but team penning sure is. He is another horse that has been with the ranch a long time. He and his almost twin brother were purchased and used as a pair to drive the wagon at the ranch. After a while they gave up their driving careers to be saddle horses. Waylon is an all-around horse that will give you everything you ask for and more.


Chex is another beautiful sorrel quarter horse! She came to us through an old friend who worked at SVR way back when we were first getting started. She has the smoothest trot known to man. She positively glides along. Tommy D, Boss Lady’s husband, commandeered her after the first ride, but he will relinquish her occasionally if we need her in the dude string.


Born and trained at SVR, Sassy has the best blood lines on the Ranch and is Penny’s daughter. Her dad is Mister Shameless a Champion pinto stallion that remains undefeated in the show ring. Boss Lady’s daughter Laura claimed Sassy the first minute saw her and promptly renamed her Chloe.

Chloe is a self- confident cutie that sees no reason to pretend she is not the most gorgeous creature on earth. While she is very friendly she is careful to ignore you occasionally to make sure you understand how important she is. With her “look at me “attitude and correct confirmation she is already continuing the legacy of the champions in her pedigree.


Penny is a 1996 model Quarter horse mare who is a granddaughter of the legendary Doc Bar. She is Marilyn’s personal horse and the mother of Chloe, continuing the legacy of the champions in her blood lines. She’s pretty sure she is the most important horse on the Ranch.

In spite of being perfectly trained she periodically asserts herself to try to bully the Boss Lady. But put a child on her back and she takes perfect care of them.


Lucky has the perfect name. He was bound for the glue factory when our friends Sandi and Rob saved him and brought him to the Ranch. With a little “tune up” from Luis he quickly became one of our favorite horses. He is a mellow guy and fun to ride, and best of all nothing disturbs his calm demeanor. Anyone can ride him, even our youngest “Ranch Kids.” He’s around 11 years old and has a many good years ahead to show lots of “lucky” guests a good time.


Shorty is a handsome sorrel gelding with one of the smoothest trots on the Ranch. Boss Lady loves riding him on the Monday mornings she and Frosty do long trots, and by long, we mean miles. Shorty just glides along and stays as smooth as glass. He is also the most mischievous horse on the Ranch and enjoys disciplining the other horses with a quick nip when he thinks they act up. One of his favorite “nippees” is Chip.

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