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Ever get a hankerin' to ride a horse out in the Wild West? You can now have a real Western adventure starting at just

$55 per

Call Tony at (702) 242-0955 or click here to reserve your trail ride today! We are the only ranch in the area where you can be a real cowboy and work with cattle--don't forget to add team cattle penning to your adventure for just $35 more!

Welcome To Sandy Valley Ranch!
Sandy Valley Ranch is a private ranch devoted to raising cattle, boarding and training horses, and preserving and teaching American and Hispanic cultural riding traditions and horsemanship.

If you've always dreamed of "playing Cowboy for Real," you've come to the right place. For more than 15 years we have been fulfilling dreams here in our special piece of the Great American West. Horses, cattle, round-ups, cattle drives over the mountains and through the mesquites, we do it all, and we're always adding new adventures.

We're easy to get to...as we like to say, we are "45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas." Add a touch of the real West to the glitz and glamour of your stay in Las Vegas and you will give yourself an unforgettable vacation.

And talk about the spirit of the West! Our friendly staff, talented wranglers, and great caterers, not to mention our beautiful, well-trained horses, will welcome you with all the hospitality that is legendary in the Old West.

There are two flags we fly on the pole at Sandy Valley Ranch. We are proud to respect, protect and nurture the horse culture of both the Mexican Vaquero and the American Cowboy. Both played a vital role in the development of the traditional horse culture of the American Southwest. Sandy Valley Ranch is a proud repository dedicated to preserving these two great horsemanship traditions

We're passionate about what we do, and we love sharing it with our guests. Whether it's a horseback adventure, a traditional multi-cultural event, or a rollicking party, or team building event, we hope to see you soon on the trail!

Marilyn Gubler, "Boss Lady"
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Sandy Valley Ranch has offered Old Fashioned Western events and activities to the public since 1998. We pride ourselves on our western hospitality and look forward to seeing you on the range. Please contact us regarding our upcoming events and cowboy adventures!

1411 Kingston Road
Sandy Valley, NV 89019
Reservations: (702) 242-0955
Ranch Office: (760) 657-5400