45 Minutes and 100 Years from Las Vegas

sandy valley ranch
Horseback riding, working cattle, group events, rodeo, weddings, and more. Our mission is to preserve, protect and honor the two great equestrian traditions of the West, that of the American Cowboy and the Mexican Charro.

Come and Join Us Playing Cowboy for Real

Welcome To Sandy Valley Ranch!

If you’ve always dreamed of playing Cowboy for Real, you’ve come to the right place.

For 20 years we have been fulfilling dreams here in our special piece of the Great American West. Horseback riding, cattle round-ups, parties, and group events, we do it all.

cowboy campfire

We’re easy to get to…as we like to say, we are 45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas. Add a touch of the real West to the glitz and glamour of your stay in Las Vegas and you will give yourself an unforgettable vacation.

Our friendly staff, talented wranglers, and great caterers, not to mention our beautiful, well-trained horses, will welcome you with all the hospitality that is legendary in the Old West.