Media & Influencer Events

If you’re a public relations or media agency seeking an adventurous location to host your next media event or influencer activation, look no further than Sandy Valley Ranch. We provide a unique venue for your clients to connect and impress their media friends and influencers, by offering the perfect out-of-the-box venue for rompin’ and stompin’ parties or more serious product demonstrations.

Your group can let the city air out of their lungs and jump into real Western adventures like trail rides through our 300 square miles of pristine sage and mesquite ranch land, Western-style contests like Team Cattle Penning and Cattle Round Ups, or cowboy games such as buckin’ barrel riding, roping, horse shoes, axe throwing or even cow-pie tossing.

For each of our agency guests, we create a unique program of cowboy-centric activities – a well-balanced schedule of horse-and-cattle contests coupled with soft-skill training in our comfortable conference areas. Whatever your goals – business or pleasure (or both combined), the Sandy Valley Ranch event planners will tailor your program with dozens of exciting and unique activities, perfect for your group. We can accommodate any number from 5 to 500.

We’re located 45 minutes and 100 years from Las Vegas, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your group back in the city before the slots close.